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WorkplaceEthicsClass is proud to present to your attention our self-paced, self-study and completely online ethics training. Developed in accordance with the continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) standards, they are widely recognized within the United States and are known to be accepted by employers nationwide.

Our professional ethics classes have continuity from 1 up to 12 hours and have the lowest price guarantee. They start from only $24.99 and come with no hidden fees. Enroll now and get your free, instant certificate of completion!
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What is Professional Ethics

In professional ethics is a set of ethical rules applied in the development of work. Ethics can appear reflected in deontological codes or professional codes through a series of principles and values contained in postulates in the form of a decalogue or more extensive documents.

Professional ethics sets standards of conduct for performing functions within an ethical framework. In many cases, they deal with issues of competence and professional capacity, in addition to specific issues specific to each area.

Although professional ethics uses universal human values, it focuses on how they are applicable in the work environment.

By enrolling in our education on ethics, you will gain knowledge in many useful topics in the field of business ethics. Among some of the topics discussed within this course are the corporate relationships, company resources, work environment, enforcement of code of conducts and ethics, etc.

Finally, after completing the training, our participants will be able to make the difference between ethics and moral norms, will be aware of the definitions of a number of terms, will know the basic elements and characteristics of ethics, etc.

Improve Your Skills and Enroll in a Workplace Ethics Class

You were likely asked to enroll in an ethics class on initial assignment by your employer in order to improve your professional skills on workplace ethics. The training provided by WorkplaceEthicsClass was developed in order to meet the continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) standards.

Nowadays, more and more employers require their employees to complete a business ethics course, through which to get acquainted with current legislation and the rules of conduct inherent in their workplace. These rules of conduct are essential for the proper functioning of any modern company and a prerequisite for employee relations in any corporation. Such a course is required by internal request and traditionally annually thereafter. Completion of on-the-job ethics training ensures that the certified participant is familiar with the moral and legal principles and the code of ethics of the company in which he/she is employed.

The ethics education provided by WorkplaceEthicsClass has educational purposes only. It aims to meet the employers’ standards nationwide. As employers most often specify their specific requirements regarding the duration of training, we have developed ethics training in different variations, lasting from 1 to 12 hours. Furthermore, this ethics certification course is not only entirely online, but also has the lowest price guarantee. Our courses start from $24.99.

Is This The Ethics Training I Am Required to Take?

Whenever your employer asks you to undergo additional professional education, he/she indicates their specific requirements. We encourage our participants to adhere strictly to these recommendations to ensure that their certificate of completion of a workplace ethics course is accepted. What is extremely important to take into account is the duration of the training on ethics, as well as the name of the course itself. In different states and companies, the workplace ethics training could be found under different names.

However, this training is right for you and we invite you to take part in it, in case you need to enroll in some of the following:

Please be aware of the fact that this list may not be exhausted. In case you have any doubts whether this is the right educational program for you and hesitate whether It will suit your needs, please feel free to contact us for additional information. © · 2024